Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Computer failure!

Well my laptop decided to crap out on me and not let me play any games online or get on the interwebs! it was something to do with the wireless card, but its fixed now! Since i couldnt connect to the internet, wegame wouldnt work and fraps gives me 5 fps when i record, so im going to do one of two things, 1.) Record some videos with bad quality via wegame and release them for lulz, or 2.) Wait about a month or so and get a new gaming computer! i was leaning toward option two because my poor laptop is barely chugging along with me, and i feel like it might break down. even if i stop making the videos, i will still post content regularly, IF my hardware allows it! Just vote on the poll to let me know what you think!


  1. All your comp are belong to us.

  2. Get your damn new PC and continue to post little content. Crap videos will just make us sad Panda's.

  3. Voted the first option