Tuesday, May 24, 2011


What with exams going on i've been kind of busy studying, but i decided to crank out a video or two during this week! The first one will be terraria, because i've decided the game is the best thing ever (this week). If anyone wants to be in the video, i will be hosting a server for the video, its going to be a hamachi server to facilitate a kicking/banning system (as the game doesnt have one integrated yet). If you want to be in it, post in here TODAY and i'll send you the details! The video is being done on a semi-new server, so we have room to grow/find items. I decided to make the map large so people could split into their own groups if they want to. WE ARE USING STEAM CHAT! I dislike skype and will only use it if ABSOLUTELY necessary.
Now for some pictures! (this is my main character, you might not be seeing him on the server)


  1. Its more like zelda or metroid with a building function. The funnest thing to do in it is explore dungeons and caves in search of awsome items that give you special abilities.